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Monday, December 10, 2012

Tacconelli's Pizzeria (Port Richmond, Philadelphia) - Margerita Pie

Appears a round 16" pie with light brown edges, a generous amount of red sauce and scattered slices of fresh mozzarella cheese melted around the center. The pie is topped off with pieces of fresh basil. Damn, this looks good. - 5

The crust is crispy, crackly and super thin. It's really light with some slight char marks of the bottom of the pie. Really great stuff! - 5

The sauce is amazing. It hits on all levels, very vibrant, tangy, sweet and a perfect amount of herbs and spices. Tons of flavor here. Bold and complex. You can tell this is made with ingredients of the highest quality All I can say is...Wow. - 5

The cheese is really nice. It has great flavor and it's very fresh. My only complaint is that I wanted more. - 4.5
Overall, I was a bit skeptical after hearing about all the mixed reviews this place got. I know this place won a bunch of awards in the past, such as "Best of" from Philadelphia Magazine. It's also Zagat-rated. Also, WIP sports talk host Glen Macnow picked them winner of his Pizza Palooza contest.  Does it live up to the hype? Hell yes, it does. This might be the best pizza you can get in Philadelphia. I will be back. - 5

Total Score: 4.9/5

FYI - Tacconelli's is a BYOB and cash only. It's recommended that you call ahead to reserve your dough. From my understanding, they make a limited amount each day and usually sell out over the phone.

Tacconelli's Pizzeria Website:

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lee's Hoagie House of Blue Bell (Blue Bell) - Cheesesteak

Appears a 10" roll cut in half, with steak, sliced pretty thin, with melted cheese and fried onions, mixed throughout. A little more meat would have been nice. - 3.5

The roll is a Liscio's. We've covered Liscio's before. These rolls are great for cheesesteaks. They have a firm exterior with a softer inside, to soak up all the goodness. This one has a fresh baked taste too.  - 4.5

The meat is chopped. It's juicy, but hard to tell the flavor of the meat, since it's seasoned so heavily. I like a good amount of seasoning, but this is a tad overboard. - 3

The cheese is melted american. The cheese runs throughout the meat, but I would've liked a little bit more. - 3.5

Overall,  This is a pretty good cheesesteak. I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way for this sandwich, but if I was in the area, I would definitely stop in again. - 4
Total Score: 3.6/5
Lee's Hoagie House of Blue Bell Website:
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

McMenamin's Tavern (Mount Airy, Philadelphia) - Hot Wings

The texture is a crisp wing with a generous coating of hot sauce. - 4

The sauce is really nice. A lot of heat and lots of flavor. A lot thicker than most wing sauces that I encountered. - 4

The flavor is excellent. The chicken itself was fresh and tender. This is bar food done right. - 4

The edibility is really good. I had no problem cleaning my plate. - 4

Overall, I would definitely come back for the wings. This is a great spot to watch a game, chow down on some great wings and wash them down with some craft brews. - 4

Total Score: 4/5

McMenamin's Tavern also has a good selection of craft beer offerings. This visit, I had a Southampton Imperial Baltic Porter.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cosmi's Deli (South Philadelphia) - Cheesesteak

Appears a foot long roll with chopped steak, melted american cheese and some fried onions. - 4

The roll is from Aversa's. It is fresh and has a slightly firm outside with a softer interior, to soak up all the juices. You also have the option of getting a harder, seeded Sarcone's roll. - 4

The meat is excellent. Moist, tender and lightly seasoned. They use a loin tail that has been marinated. Cooked just right. The result is juicy and flavorful with no fat or gristle. - 4.5

The cheese is melted on the meat on the grill. There is a decent amount and it's distributed throughout the sandwich. - 4

Overall, I was very impressed with this cheesesteak. Philadelphia Magazine awarded Cosmi's Deli best cheesesteak in 2004 and 2008. Does it live up to the hype? I'd say so. - 4.5

Total Score: 4.3/5

Cosmi's Deli Website:

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eulogy Belgian Tavern (Old City) - Belgian Fare and Beer

Located in Philadelphia's historic Old City, sits Eulogy Belgian Tavern. For years, Eulogy Belgian Tavern has been serving up Belgian and American style cuisine. They also have around 20 taps of craft beers and offer around a few hundred bottles of all styles as well.            
Pictured above, is their Moules Beer (Beer Mussels) and Belgian Frietjes. The Beer Mussels were plump and tender and the broth consisted of Hoegaarden beer, garlic, shallots, celery, peppers, herbs and butter. Very good. I really like the big hunk of crusty bread they give you to soak up all the broth too. The Belgian Frietjes were ok. Twice fried, which I really enjoy, but I didn't care for how thick they were. I did, however, really enjoy the two dipping sauces. One was a house specialty mayo moutarde and the other was a slightly spicier bourbon mayo.

For the beer, I went for their house beer, Eulogy Busty Blonde. This beer is brewed exclusively for the bar by Belgium's La Binchoise Brewery. The style is a Belgian Pale Ale.
look: 3
smell: 3.5
taste: 3
feel: 3
overall: 3.2

Appears a semi-clear golden yellowish color with no head or lacing.

Smell is herbal and some light citrus notes. A very slight amount of hops.

Taste is of spices and some citrus.

Mouthfeel is light. This beer is very drinkable. Overall, this beer is ok. With all the other options here, I'd go for something else.

Eulogy Belgian Tavern Website:

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Original Thunderbird (Broomall) - Cheesesteak

Appears a 12" roll cut in half with thinly sliced steak with melted cheese and fried onions mixed in. - 3.5

The roll is ok. I'm pretty sure this is an Amoroso's roll. Not the best option out there, but not the worst either. - 3

The meat is sirlion. This meat is very fresh and slightly seasoned. The steak is juicy and tender and has a real nice flavor. - 4

The cheese is melted american and blended nicely throughout of the whole sandwich. I wish more people used this method. - 4.5

Overall, I enjoyed this sandwich. One of the best cheesesteaks in delaware county, that I've sampled. A nice family business, with a really friendly staff. If you're driving down the blue route and jonesing for a nice cheesesteak, give these guys a try! - 4

Total Score: 3.8/5

The Original Thunderbird Website:

Thunderbird Steak House on Urbanspoon

Thursday, March 8, 2012

PJ Whelihan's (Blue Bell) - Hot Wings

The texture is a typical fairly crisp wing. These wings have a lot of tender, juicy meat on the bone, but they are a tad dry. - 3.5

The sauce is pretty good.  A decent amount of heat after eating a few of these. - 3.5

The flavor is alright, I guess. Pretty middle of the road. The chicken was good, but the outside flavor, I wasn't digging that much. - 2.5

Edibility is ok. The sauce wasn't sticking too good to the wings. I finished the basket, but I didn't feel like I wanted anymore. - 3

Overall, these wings are OK. There is plenty of meat on these wings, but there is a slight off flavor. Maybe, I caught them on a bad night? - 3

Total Score: 3.1/5

At least PJ Whelihan's in Blue Bell has a nice, big selection of craft brews to choose from. Around 30 rotating drafts. This stop, I went for a Bear Republic Mach 10, pictured below.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Pizza of 2011...better late than never: Olcé Pizza Grille (Cedars, PA)

This was the Margherita Pie.  Appears a non-perfect circular pie with charred edges and fine bubbles of fermentation throughout the base.  Looks amazing and exciting. 4.5/5

The crust is thin, full of fermented flavor, crackly towards the edges, and refreshingly light.  Very Neapolitan-esque b/c of the fire in the oven.  Only difference is that it is fired by gas(I believe), not wood.  In any case, it's a really nice crust!  5/5
The sauce is of freshly crushed tomatoes.  It's a balance of sweet/savory and is vibrant, and flavorful.  4/5

The cheese is of fresh mozzarella.  It really liquefies being next to those flames and is packed with a sweet, dairy farm flavor that delivers nicely to the taste buds.  4.5/5

Overall, Just do it.  Yeah, it's that good, especially for the 'burbs.  It all comes together in a beautiful symphony of dough, sauce, and cheese.  4.5/5

Total Score: 4.5/5

Olcé Pizza Grille's website

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dalessandro's (Roxborough, Philadelphia) - Cheesesteak

Appears a packed 11" roll with finely chopped steak, topped with fried onions. - 4

The roll is an Amoroso's. Maybe not my first choice, but at least this roll is super fresh. It has a pretty soft interior, but works for this sandwich. - 3.5

The meat is fresh ribeye. The steak is chopped up really fine on the grill. No fat or gristle, with a slight amount of grease. The steak almost melts in your mouth.  Really high quality stuff here. - 4.5

The cheese is american and melted on the grill with the steak. Melted throughout meat, not just thrown on the roll and left half melted. Cheese to meat ratio is outstanding. A real nice balance. - 4.5

Overall, one of my favorite places. Dalessandro's has been open for over 50 years and has received numerous praise and awards throughout the years. They are also Zagat rated. Always an enjoyable experience, with fast and friendly service. You can even order a beer with your sandwich. - 4.5

Total Score: 4.3/5

Dalessandro's Website:

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Via Marconi Pizza Pub (Lansdale) - Pizza and Beer

Appears a large slice with crispy edges and a fairly thin crust. A generous layer of melted cheese atop a very thin layer of tomato sauce. 3.
The crust is thin with a golden brown color. A crispy and crackly underside on this crust, with some slight char marks. You can hold this slice without it getting flimsy. - 3  

The sauce is pretty mediocre. Definitely stingy on the sauce here, but what I can taste of it, is kinda bland. - 2

The cheese to my taste, is a blend of mozzarella and cheddar. It has an ok flavor. A fair amount of oil and it's slightly rubbery. - 2.5

Overall, this is an ok slice. I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way for this slice, but if you're in the area give it a try. -2.5

Total Score: 2.7/5

Via Marconi Pizza Pub has a nice selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles.

To the left is Pliny The Elder from Russian River Brewing Company. What else can be said about this fantastic beer? One of the best Imperial IPAs ever.

Via Marconi Pizza Pub Website:

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