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Saturday, March 7, 2009

SLiCE (South Philadelphia) - Americano Pizza

The appearance is of a thin crust, double wide slice of classic Neapolitan style pie with crispy edges, a crusty edge, mildly charred bottom, along with melted mozzarella laid on top of the cooked dough with the crushed tomatoes scattered on top and some parmesan cheese sprinkled lightly over the tomatoes and cheese. - 4.5

The crust is extremely thin and is stiff like a wafer when held. Little to no CO2 pockets are found in the layers, except for maybe a very modest amount near the edges of the crust. I'm guessing the dough is either a cold, slow rise(flattened down before being baked), or possibly even a no rise dough. This is a crisp flatbread that snaps when you bite it. Even the crust isn't doughy, or bready. It too has a nice, crunchy, crispiness with the bottom being fired to a roasty, dark brown. Wow. - 5

The sauce is of crushed red tomatoes that highlights a fine mix of sweet and acidic with perhaps a touch of salt and herbs rounding 'er off. There is also a nice sweetness of extra virgin olive oil coming through. - 4.5

The cheese is mostly under the sauce, adhering well to the crisp bread. It's of a sweet mozzarella that cooks to a light gold in the oven, despite the high temperatures to char the bottom of the crust. It compliments the crispy flatbread nicely, and adds another layer of crunch, as opposed to another favorite way, gooey. There is a light dusting of parmesan cheese atop the other layers. - 4.5

Overall, this was a fantastic slice of pie. Everything seemed to work well from the crispy crunch to the fresh tomatoes, and the tasty cheese. One of the best I've had. At only $2.25 for a double wide slice, this is the best deal out there. - 5

Total Score: 4.7/5

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