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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gateway Cafe (Wayne) - Cheesesteak

The appearance is of a 12" steak roll served open faced with a scattering of cooked steak, well melted cheese, and chopped, cooked onions. It falls a tad short of covering the entire roll with meat. - 3

The roll is an easy one to spot. Another one from Conshohocken, which was confirmed by a server. The signature texture is unmistakable. It sponges up all the goodness of the steak, and it has a soft, glossy exterior on top with a soft, cornmeal dusted bottom. - 4

The meat is of a well chopped steak that is not only seasoned great with a wonderful oil flavor resonating, it really melts in your mouth with the tender juiciness. The flavor really can't be beat. The only downside...they call for 8 ounces (not bad) but it just doesn't seem to fill out the sandwich roll. Flavor = yes. Amount = no. We just need a bit more on there to make it top notch. - 3.5

The cheese is up there with the best of 'em. In fact, if Steve's was the bar for the melted cheese (minus the overkill abundance), this place has some of the best melted, and mixed cheese throughout the meat, cheese, and bread that I've had. - 4.5

Overall, I've always liked this sandwich. It's a bit of a hidden gem that not too many people know about. The Gateway Cafe caters to the diner loving crowd but I've had some great lunches at this place. The seasoned meat (if only there was more), well melted cheese, and Conshy roll make this a winner. - 4

Total Score: 3.8/5

Gateway Cafe's Phone Number: (610) 964-9550

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