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Monday, May 18, 2009

Original Philly Steaks (King of Prussia) - Cheesesteak

The appearance is of a 12" sub roll with about 4-5 ounces of chopped steak sans the onions(despite ordering them). The steak was enough to fill about half the roll. The cheese was completely hidden and stuck to the bread. -2.5

The roll was the best part of the sandwich. Nice texture that absorbed the juice and oils from the meat and cheese. Other than that, it was the only shining point of this whole experience. Possibly a Conshy roll but unconfirmed. -3.5

The meat is finely chopped from a few frozen pieces of thinly sliced(looked like sirloin, or London Broil)steak which are then hacked apart by the grill-man. No seasoning was used, which led to a boiled-like, bland tasting steak. The texture was ok but the lack of flavor really was a downer. The amount was poor, as well. I have to say that compared to most other places, there was about half as much meat used for the same pricing...and this wasn't from a good cut, either. -1.5

The cheese...2 slices thrown on top of the meat before covering with the roll and flipping over, making the cheese get stuck to the bread and fade away from the intermingling of steak & cheese. -2

Overall, this is about what I expected. A sloppy, lazy, poorly made sandwich. Not only was the unseasoned meat not from a fresh cut, they barely had enough on there to fill one side of the roll, let alone the whole thing...& I didn't get the onions I ordered! Never again, unless I'm trapped in the KOP Plaza with no means of transportation, and a broken leg. -2

Total Score: 2.3/5

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