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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pizza Land(Wayne) - Pizza

Appears a 16" round pie with a covered mozzarella layer and a mild layer of sauce on the crust. A few small bubbles are risen around the edges of the crust. - 3

Crust is solid. It passes the droop test and has a slightly sweet, fermented flavor. While the crust is good, the main draw of stopping in this place was the boasting of a wood fired brick oven. This particular pie was cooked in the gas oven at 500 for 9 minutes producing a slightly browned underside. A far cry from the few minutes it would've taken in the brick oven. The pie could've had the crispy, gently charred crust that is highly desired...but no use carrying on about what could have been. - 3

The sauce is ok. A bit watery and acidic, so nothing really stands out in regards to a terrific pizza sauce. - 2

The cheese is the typical shredded mozzarella found at Costco. Gentle flavors with sweet oily chewiness. No fresh Buffalo Mozzarella going on here. The shredded cheese seems to clump together and form a solid layer on top of the pie. - 2

Overall, this is a decent pie. I was upset when I saw that they have a brick oven but weren't using it when I got there. That was really the point of me making the trip. It says right under the Pizza Land logo on their menu, "Brick Oven Pizza". While the pizza tasted fine, it wasn't the crispy, crunchy pie I had hoped for coming out of the brick oven. I was told that they still use it "sometimes". Maybe I'll catch them on a day when they're using it during the next visit. - 2.5

Total Score: 2.5/5

Pizza Land's Phone Number: 610-993-9114

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