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Monday, July 6, 2009

Franklin's Classic Steaks & Hoagies (Limerick) - Cheesesteak

The appearance is of a -cut down the center- 10" tender steak sandwich with some fried onions and cheese intertwined between the slices of beef. The fullness of the sandwich comes up a bit short in regards to getting the salivitory glands pumping. - 2.5

The roll is decent. It's an Amoroso Hoagie(Food Service Delivery) roll. This roll works for this sandwich, as it's not really dripping with any juice, grease, or cheese, which deteriorates the soft interior of the roll, leading to the bottom tearing, or the roll just falling apart. Amoroso rolls get the job done...not my particular favorite for steak sandwiches(on hoagies, they work great) but if you're in a bind, they work. I suppose I question this location using Amoroso delivery rolls when they have Corropolese Italian Bakery directly accross the street. That would be option #1 in my book but perhaps that's just me. - 3

The meat is thinly sliced chip steak/ribeye that retains most of the moistness during the cooking. It's very lightly seasoned with oil and perhaps a shake of salt & pepper. My only complaint is the actual amount placed on the roll. If you've read my previous postings, I really appreciate a sandwich that has meat stuffed in between the bread, or even overflowing with meat. This is just layered in there with no chance of meeting the top of the bread. In fairness, these Amoroso rolls have very deep sides and are tough to fill. In the end though, the bread shouldn't overwhelm the steak like it does here. - 3

The cheese is ok. Seems to be mostly stuck to the bottom of the bread but there is a bit mixed in between the pieces of steak. Not much though...perhaps 2 slices that gets gobbled up quickly by that large roll. It gets slightly lost in the grand scheme of the cheesesteak sandwich. - 2.5

Overall, this was an ok outing. The local group on Chowhound threw these guys out there a few times on one of the forums discussing cheesesteaks on Main Street. I decided to give them a try. While the roll is ok, it seems to be a bit too much for the cheese & steak. A good taste but in need of some balance between the steak, & cheese to the large roll. As a plus, the owner is a genuinely nice guy who takes pride in the food and asks for feedback. - 2.5

Total Score: 2.7/5

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Anonymous said...

They may be outside of Philly but that is no excuse for such a poor cheesesteak. The meat was some where inside of the enormous roll; but I had a hard time finding it. As for the cheese it had a strange foul smell and was over powering the steak. I didn't care for the overly salty taste which may have been due to the cheese? Would not recomend this place to others. Too expense for such a poor imitation.

Anonymous said...

Once again Holly Hoffman from 480 Deer Run Court in Limerick strikes again. The food is excellent here and has a great reputation, but this poor excuse for a customer tries to steal food from several similar food establishments, by saying her food was bad. The reputation at Franklin's is impeccable, from the Health Inspections to customers feedback and growth over the past few years. Can't believe someione would stoop this low and lie. She has a 7 year old daugher and I wonder how she feels about what mommy does.