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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oaks Italian Deli and Pizzeria (Oaks) - Pizza

Appears a large, 16" pie with some doughy bubbles risen towards the outside of the dark, golden brown crust. A scattering of sauce and cheese are mixed throughout. - 4

The crust is golden brown on the bottom, and more towards dark brown along the edges of the crust. As it gets closer to the crust's edge, it becomes crispier, much like that of a crusty, artisinal bread due to the brick oven that they use. The center is that of your standard thin, pan pie...perhaps a bit more done than typical(a bit of a charred marshmallow shell) but it's like you get 2 textures in one pie, which is a good thing, IMHO. - 4

The sauce is nice. It's of a crushed tomato base but there's something a bit fruity and tangy about this sauce that I enjoy. It's almost like an "apple" & wine-like flavor that seems to grow on me. It could just be an unrefined sugar that they use...or it could be a touch of apple brandy, or a wine mix that I'm getting. Hmmm. The mystery remains but the flavor retains. - 4

The cheese is decent enough. According to the proud signs, they use Grande cheese, which is the choice of several pizza parlours that I've visited. I'm guessing that they use the whole milk mozzarella, or the 50/50 blend with the provolone. It turns a nice golden brown and stays together well, especially as the pie warms. - 4

Overall, I probably give these guys a huge portion of my local business when I'm grabbing a quick dinner for the family, or having company over. I trust the pizza, as it's consistent, and good enough for anyone to enjoy. - 4

Total Score: 4/5

Oaks' Phone Number: (610)666-0280

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