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Monday, October 5, 2009

Iron Hill (Phoenixville) - Traditional Pizza

Appears a 12" round, thin pie with golden brown outer crust and a mixing of whole milk mozzarella atop a thin layer of crimson sauce. A scattering of chopped basil is scattered randomly along the top. - 4

The crust is flavorful. It has a mildly fruity, yeasty flavor that is cooked to a light, golden brown. The outer crust is crispy, crackly, and crunchy. Light pockets of fermentation cells are shown from a side-view along the outer crust. The interior crust is a little flimsy towards the center of the crust, not holding up to the weight of the sauce and cheese. - 3.5

The sauce is good. It's crushed plum tomatoes with a mildly acidic, roasted pepper bite. If it's sweet at all, it's the base tomato, itself, not from a sweetening agent. If I were the guessing type, I'd say these were San Marzano tomatoes. Tasty stuff! - 4

The cheese is whole milk, shredded, dry mozzarella. It's a decent tasting cheese. There are better options though. - 3

Overall, I think the pie is enjoyable. The flavors all come together and I'd say that they are using very good ingredients as shown by the scores above. They could tweak this pie slightly to be in the upper echelon but for right now, it's just better than the middle of the pack. - 3.5

Total Score: 3.6/5

Iron Hill has some of the best locally crafted beers in the area. I would highly recommend joining the mug club. For a small fee, you get a mug of beer instead of the standard pint sized offering. You are also eligible for Iron Hill promotions, and you earn a $25 credit for every 300 points earned. This membership pays for itself in no time.

Iron Hill's website:

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Tom Bastian said...

Good to see you had some crayons to play with! In all honesty another great thing about Iron Hill is their kids meal. It's cheap, you basically get the same pizza you have in the picture there and they throw in two sides.

Carl said...

They also have half price pizzas at happy hour Mon-Thurs (5-7) which makes this a great deal.