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Friday, October 2, 2009

Rocco's (Collegeville) - Hot Wings

The texture is of a wet, juicy, wing that's been soaked in a decent helping of hot sauce. If you lift the wing up, juice will drip off. The skin is fried but gives way to the drenching. - 4

The sauce is a nice blend. Upon inhaling the aromas, you get light watering in the eyes. The heat is well balanced with a mild sting that comes through after several wings are eaten. You get a mild burn around the edges of the lips. - 4

The flavor is very fresh with a blending of the fried chicken that retains the juiciness on the inside while blending with the hot flavors from the sauce. - 4

Edibility is really nice. Like I said, the heat doesn't even scratch the surface of being un-edible. It's hot enough to be tolerable and the peppers don't really kick in until after many are consumed. No tear jerking with this one. - 4.5

Overall, this is one of the better wings you can get in Collegeville. The last time my buddy, Carl came over, this was the selection that I made for wings. Sure, there may be some better ones out there if you venture out of the 19426 but this is a safe bet if you're in the 'burbs. - 4

Overall Score: 4.1/5

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