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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Best Philadelphia Cheesesteak Award

I've already been asked by some but I'll explain it for everyone. Once a champion is crowned the Best Philly Cheesesteak Award, consider them the reigning champ until they are surplanted. Scores can always go up if my rating is proven wrong with a second try. Rightly so, I may change a rating for the worse if I feel the sandwich has gone downhill. Consistency is key!
Some will agree & some will disagree. The proof is in the pud-(ahem)...sandwich.
The Best Philly Cheesesteak Award goes to...
Tied for 1st Place - Tony Luke's and Pudge's, each bringing in an excellent score of 4.2 out of 5 to be the reigning champions of Philadelphia Cheese Steaks.

Best of the rest(that have been rated this year)
Steve's Prince of Steaks - 4.1
Steve's Steaks on South Street - 4.1
Mr. D's in Wildwood - 4.1
Ace's - 4
Satchmo's - 4
Angelo's Pizza - 3.9
Pie in the Sky - 3.9
John's Pizza - 3.9
Sonny's Italian Deli - 3.9
Gateway Cafe - 3.8
Sonny's Famous Steaks - 3.7
Lou's Too - 3.6
Mama's Pizzeria - 3.5
Franklin's Classic (I really owe these guys a revisit though!) - 2.7
Michael's Jewish Deli - 2.5
Original Philly Steaks - 2.3
Grey Lodge Pub - 2.4
Pat's King of Steaks - 2.1
Jim's Steaks - 1.4


Anonymous said...

NO John's Roast pork on this list??? It's not complete without it!!

Anonymous said...

can't believe Philips didnt even make the list, what kind of list is this anyway.

Mike said...

Can't believe your favorite places didn't make the list?
Try to send me a "non-anonymous" note with your suggestions if you want to see them listed.
As for Phillips(no offense)...didn't even know they were still open. Haven't heard a peep about them in years.