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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jim's Steaks (South Philadelphia) - Cheesesteak

Appears a 10" open faced sub roll with lots of open space that looks hidden with the extra thick slices of onions piled on top. Gristle and little bits of meat make me wonder why I bothered. - 2

The roll is an Amoroso roll. They're ok, as told in another post. The really start to tear apart before you're finished the sandwich. - 3

The meat is finely chopped into little pieces by the grill man. After watching him chop away into tiny remnants(not totally bothered by this after having Pie in the Sky & Angelo's)I watch the guy pour what looks to be either dirty water, or an oil/water mix all over the heap of meat remnants causing steam to rise up. Hmmmm. Tastes a bit bland & "watered down" to me. A little bit of peppery spicing but not much more in terms of flavor. Furthermore, I believe I was served meat from an already finished pile because it was luke warm at best. - 1.5

The cheese - It's like Pat's all over again. Ok...maybe not that bad. Looking back, the Pat's steak was completely unmelted. This cheese is slightly melted but not by much due to the luke warm meat. - 1.5

Overall, this was the worst cheesesteak that I remember having since starting the blog. I could tell you that these guys have been given praise and won awards from Philadelphia Magazine for Best Cheesesteak, etc. None of that matters now. Even my buddy, Steve, said that this was a huge let down. There was really nothing appealing about the sandwich that would make me want to repeat again. - 1

Total Score: 1.8/5

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Anonymous said...

We stood in line for 45mn to taste the famous Jim's Steaks wile the other 3 members of the family went across the street to Lickety Split. They sat down comfortably and watch the game, ordered their cheesesteak. Their cheesesteak were delicious, big, juicy and cheaper that our Jim's dry, tasteless famous cheesesteaks. What a rip off. If you want a good cheesesteak, go to Likety Split accross from Jim's. Nice people and good food. We will never go back to Jim's cheesesteak.