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Thursday, December 3, 2009

West Bradford Grill (West Chester) - Hot Wings

The texture is of a soaked wing...dare I say, "soggy"? The interior is ok but the exterior feels like it was drenched a bit too long in the sauce. - 2

The sauce is just ok. I'm not sure what went wrong here but we ordered them "hot", which these were simply not. I can't even really say they were "medium". Tastes buttery with a very mild bit of hot sauce flavor coming through. I guess I'll have to get them super hot next time to scratch the surface. - 2

The flavor is really just so-so in my opinion. The chicken itself is ok but the flavor of the exterior just bring the whole thing down. - 2

Edibility is alright, I suppose. I did come back to them, whether it was just from being hungry, or that I enjoyed them has yet to be determined. I think it would be the former though. - 3

Overall, I don't need to get these again. There are other options. The pizza is ok at this place too...nothing to write home about. The mussels, however, are tasty. Anyone willing to do a mussel blog?? :) - 2.5

Total Score: 2.3/5

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Anonymous said...

Did you write a review of wings you clearly got to-go? I bet they aren't soggy when they're fresh, without sitting in a humid styrofoam container. Just saying :).

Mike said...

You mean the wings they made fresh while I waited, then drove 90 seconds up the road with the lid vented? Yes. Just saying. ;)
And I've had them at least a half dozen times THERE. Wasnt my first rodeo.