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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Palermo's Pizza (Phoenixville) - Traditional Pizza

Appears a very thin crusted, nearing charred at spots, 16" round pie. Small bubbles are scattered on the top of the dough, underneath the cheese. A small scattering of black pepper, and oregano are sprinkled around the top. - 4

The crust is thin, dark, golden brown, with some black char marks in various spots...especially around the crispy edges of the crust. This is similar to a boardwalk style pizza crust that you would find at the Jersey Shore. - 4

The sauce is ok. It's a vibrant, tangy, sweet flavor but there is just a little of it to go around. It seems to be outweighed by the cheese but there is just enough to wet the palate and keep me wanting more. - 3.5

The cheese is nice. It tastes like a mozzarella blend with some chewiness, oil, and melted part skim cheese that comes across slightly rubbery but overall it's a nice compliment to the crispy crust. - 4

Overall, this is a nice pie. If you like a boardwalk style pizza, you'll enjoy this. A crispy, slightly oily pie, with a crunchy crust, and light spicing. - 4

Total Score: 3.9/5

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Tom Bastian said...

I eat at the Palermos in Lansdale quite a bit. They make one heck of a BBQ Chicken pizza.

Anonymous said...

We always enjoy eating at Palermo's, but the last time we were there I had the spaghetti and meatballs. It was horrible the sauce was watered down to the point that the spaghetti was floating of the plate and the service was non exisant!
They are now OFF our restaurant list for ever!