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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Caruso Brick Oven Trattoria (Souderton) - Margherita Neapolitan Pizza

Appears a 10" round pie with a soft looking outer crust.  A layer of bright red sauce covers the top of the pie with scattered bits of house made mozzarella cheese melted into small pools.  A lone leaf of basil is left near the center. - 3.5

The crust is thin but the outer rim stays soft with a small pocket of CO2 that has expanded the dough at this point.  I believe this pie was heated by an electric method.  No charring on the bottom but it is a golden brown.  For the most part, the pie is on the softer side except for the bottome shell, which has a thin layer of crunch.  The bread itself is flavorful with a mildly fruity, yeasty flavor - 3.5

The sauce is decent.  It's of freshly crushed and blended ripe tomatoes.  It has a tangy sweetness to it.  It's hard to tell what kind but if I had to guess, I'd say it was made from a domestic plum tomatoe with some paste added. - 3.5

The cheese is great.  It's got a terrific flavor retains it's freshly made characteristics during the heating process.  The only complaint...I wanted more on the pie!! - 4.5

Overall, this is a good pie, especially for being out in Souderton.  The cheese and flavorful dough make this pizza worth while. - 3.5

Total Score: 3.7/5

Caruso's has outstanding Italian food.  I tried the Caprese, which was great.  The Creamy Porcini Soup was outstanding.  The shrimp and pasta was amazing.  This food was seriously as good as any place that I've been to in the city.  Check them out when you get a chance, you won't regret it.  By the way, they are a byob too!

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