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Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010 Philly Beer Week Cometh!!!

Brew LB
Philly Beer Week officially starts tomorrow, June 4th.  Many people will be attending a ticketed event for The Opening Tap at The Independence Visitor Center, which kicks off at 7:30 PM.
Yours Truly will be working at the Meet The Brewer Event in Kennett Square(come and say hello) that will be featuring my longtime friend, Shaun E. Hill of Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro Bend, VT.  At the risk of pimping too much, I'll go ahead and do so without restraint being that I'm uncensored on my own website.
As the Sales Rep for this fine product in the Philly area, I'm proud to be on site for the initial offerings of the brewery.  We'll have an IPA(Edward), a Double IPA(Abner), and perhaps a few other surprises.  Local food destination, Talula's Table will be on site with food for us to pair up with the deliciously fermented creations.
Shaun formally brewed for The Shed in Stowe, VT, where I first tried his beers at a Vermont beer fest and he let me try his first saison that he had brewed for them.  We kept in touch and conducted many trades since that initial meeting, which led to my sharing amongst my fellow local beer fanatics, who have been meeting for years for beer tastings...(Rate Beer's egajdzis, hopdog, TomDecapolis, and others from Rate Beer, and Beer Advocate).
Over 20 different Shed beers later, and a following from over 440 miles away, I continued trading with Shaun during his tenure at Trout River Brewing in Lyndonville, VT.  At this point, pilot brews were being developed for his true brainchild and passion - Hill Farmstead. 
It wasn't long until Shaun ventured to the Scandinavian land of Denmark to brew for Nørrebro Bryghus.  Shaun was responsible for the 3 winning medals that Nørrebro recently took at The World Beer Cup
Hill Farmstead beer will be available in the near future through Bella Vista Distribution in Philadelphia.  Contact me in the meantime.

Other than my long winded choice of words mentioned above, there are countless things to attend during Philly Beer Week.  You can check out the actual website for the different events, or the iphone app(you need the software version 3.1 to download it...I haven't plugged mine into a computer in quite some time, so I'm still running on 3.0) or you can check out what our friend, Bryan at The Brew Lounge did...for you spreadsheet fans (as I am), this spreadsheet of events offers a comprehensible listing that you can sort and figure out your personalized agenda.  Furthermore, he's created a listing of the Capone's events that are running during PBW...most would be happy to spend most of their time in East Norriton for the entire week with the ridiculous amount of events that Matt has planned.  I had placed most of those events on Beer Advocate before having to do "actual" work.  The ones I missed were kindly uploaded by local beer lover from BA & Rate Beer, corby112.

Sadly, I'll be missing a few days of events because I'm traveling for the first few days of PBW.  I expect each and every one of you to throw back a craft beer for me during my absence and send out good karma due to my heartfelt love of the Philly beer community.  I hope to see you all out and about when I am back in the saddle on Tuesday!

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