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Friday, July 9, 2010

Hill Farmstead Beer comes to Philly!

Shown above are Hill Farmstead Brewery's sixtel rings of fresh Edward that will be sent into the Philadelphia market.  Extremely limited quantities in this initial debut, amounting to under 40 sixtels of beer, or less than 200 gallons.

Yours truly went calling on many of the finer beer establishments in the area to carry this limited first run into the market.  Some unfortunate establishments missed out by either 1.) Not being able to connect with me before the product was spoken for.  Or 2.) I simply missed the opportunity due to limited kegs.  Feel free to contact me to reserve any kegs in future shipments, or to set up an event.

So, where will you be able to find these "round 1" draft only creations from Shaun Hill's brewery?
Possibly receiving the last few kegs(better ask them before you count on it...if not, demand it!): P.O.P.E., Tria, & South Philly Tap Room.  Thanks to all for your support!!!

Shaun briefly talks about the Philly shipment here.
Hill Farmstead Brewery products are available through Bella Vista Beer Distributors
Stay tuned for details on future shipments, and the highly anticipated release of bottles.

Look for HFB events in the near future at Capone's and The Farmhouse.


Brian P said...

As you know I made it to Capone's for the Harlan IPA and loved it. You can bet I'll be doing some bar hopping to get a little more from Hill Farmstead. Crossing my fingers that more of their styles make it to Philly.

Mike said...

Thanks again, Brian. Glad you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more releases to be hitting Philly in mid-August. We'll be getting some more Edward, a robust porter, a single hopped IPA done with Sorachi Ace hops, and possibly another surprise.