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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rocco's Steaks (Paoli) - Cheesesteak

Appears a 10" long roll with sliced pieces of ribeye that's been sprinkled with black pepper and has some of the residual olive oil left on there from the quick cook time on the grill.  Bits of sauteed onions are left on the exterior of the top layer of beef. - 3.5
The roll is a Carangi roll.  Really fantastic stuff.  A firm outer crust and an absorbent interior make this roll a nice match for this steak with the olive oil.  It acts as a nice sponge in gathering all of the sweet oils and salty, herbal flavors. - 4.5
The meat ...they call it a ribeye cut.  It probably is.  If I would've ventured a blind guess, I would've thought it was sliced top round, or eye round based on a few of the pieces having large portions of fat on the exterior.  Other than that, the beef is well seasoned, and very tender. The slice of this sandwich actually reminds me more of Steve's Prince of Steaks, or Geno's, rather than Pat's(where I got 3 little squares of beef last time)- 4

The cheese - the quantity is good but the placement makes it hidden behind the slices of beef.  I (along with many other steak sandwich aficionados in the area) always appreciate it when the grill man makes the effort to blend the cheese throughout the sandwich instead of taking the easy approach of putting the cheese on top of the cooked steak followed by the roll.  The greatest approach I've seen thus far is from Steve's Prince of Steaks putting the cheese in a double boiler and scooping it on, albeit a bit too much.  This was a little above average. - 3.5

Overall, the positives far outweigh any negatives to gripe about in this sandwich.  Factor in the convenience of not having to drive into the city and you've got yourself a nice little find here.  I'll be returning for repeat visits, which is a true tell tale of what I thought of the food.  Check out the cheese fries, as well.  They are as good as any that you'll get at the steak stands in South Philly. - 4

Total Score: 3.9/5

Of course, Rocco's Steaks is just a 2 minute ride from another favorite stop in Paoli that I speak highly of, TJ's.

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