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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brick Oven Bread and Cheese Shoppe (Phoenixville) - Pizza

Appears a small, 10" round diameter with dark brown, and some burnt crispy edges showing around the edge with an interior of red sauce coated with melted mozzarella and a few leaves of basil. - 4

The crust is on the thinner side with beautiful charring marks around the edges and underneath that you only find from extremely hot ovens.  The outer edges are puffed up a little bit with pockets of CO2 caverns inside the light crust. - 4.5

The sauce is made of crushed San Marzano tomatoes.  The sweet and flavorful tomatoe sauce is so simple, yet one of the better ones that I've had in the area.  You really don't need to over complicate things when using this kind of tomato and these guys didn't. - 4

The cheese is decent.  I'm not sure of the exact blend of mozzarella they used here but I suspect a dry mozzarella blend that's comprised mostly of whole milk mozzarella.  It's flavorful, lightly chewy, and fresh. - 4

Overall, I really enjoyed this pie and I can't wait to try it again.  This is a very nice representation of a Neapolitan style pizza, as it's been cooked in a very hot wood fired oven with a sauce made from San Marzano's.  The only thing I'm not sure about is the cheese, which I'm pretty certain isn't Buffalo mozzarella but that's ok.  We're not entering a contest here, or trying to adhere to guidelines.  It's only pizza...and it's damn good. Currently, this treat is only available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until they run out, so get them early and often. - 4.5

Total Score: 4.2/5

The good news?  BOBCS is a BYOB and they're right next door to another favorite of this beer hound, Iron Hill Brewery.  So, grab a growler, or a bottle off the reserve list and head over for a wonderful pairing of flavors.

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