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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Joe's Fish Co. (North Wildwood) - Margherita Pizza

Appears a 12" round pie with a scattered layer of red sauce spread atop the disk.  A dozen dollops of melted mozzarella are melted around the top. - 4

The crust is thin with an "airy" outer crust and a crispy interior on the underside. - 4

The sauce is alright.  It's tangy, fresh, and mildly sweet with ripe tomatoes cutting through the baked bread. - 3.5

The cheese is good albeit scarce.  It's obviously a good quality cheese that doesn't want to burn in the oven.  It is fresh, and full of chewy milk flavor. - 3.5

Overall, this is a decent pie.  It's different than the typical boardwalk style pizza that you find on the Wildwood boardwalk.  It's basically a personal pie that you handle alone, or share with one other.  They do have different styles including a really good pie with shrimp that I recommend. - 3.5

Total Score: 3.7/5

The draw to this place is the fact that they have beer...on the boardwalk!  You have to show your i.d., then they give you a wristband to prove your age.  As far as selection, it's not really a beer hound destination but they've got some things to hold you over.  Pictured above is Longboard Island Lager, which is ok.  They usually have Victory Prima Pils, which is the preferred beverage to drink with this pizza.  Other glances of the tap list showed Magic Hat # 9, Blue Moon, and a few BMC products that I probably wouldn't waste my time with.  They had a few things in bottles but our server wasn't too keen on the beer scene and didn't know what they were.  I did notice a few Ommegaang selections when I was walking out, what I did - take your kid to the beach, then hit the boards for some rides at the pier before grabbing some food and a much deserved beer from Joe's.

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