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Friday, December 31, 2010

John's Roast Pork (South Philadelphia) - Cheesesteak

Appears a 12" long, sesame seeded roll with thinly sliced, chopped steak and American cheese melted amongst the pieces. - 3.5
The roll appears to be a Sarcone's roll but I've been told that they use Carangi's rolls. In any case, it's semi-crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The grille man rips out some of the interior bread and chucks it in the trash before scooping up the meat and cheese and placing it inside the bread.  Tasty and a nice compliment to the steak. - 4.5

The steak is thinly shaved and chopped ribeye that is tender, juicy, and slightly oily.  Very fresh, flavorful, and delicious.  A tad more meat would've been ideal but it seemed to be enough to satisfy the size of the roll and it's tasty enough to warrant a nice score.  - 4.5

The cheese is mostly melted throughout the sandwich and seems to be thoroughly mixed in between the chopped meat. - 4

Overall, I was impressed with this sandwich.  I must admit though, with all the accolades including a Best Philly Cheesesteak Award from the Philadelphia Inquirer and the prestigious James Beard Award for Culinary Excellence, I was slightly underwhelmed.  Without a doubt, this was a really terrific cheesesteak but I went out of my way to get it, waited in traffic, hunted for a parking spot, and waited in the long lunch line before hanging out and waiting for my sandwich to be made.  The eating experience was good but I can't say it blew me away enough to go through all of that again.  Certainly, it's a must stop if you're over by Delaware Ave.  It would still be one of my highest rated cheesesteaks...just not THE highest rated one. - 4

Total Score: 4.1 / 5

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