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Friday, December 24, 2010

La Chancla (Norristown) - Mexican Torta

A small little spot on Marshall Street on the West side of Norristown holds the authentic Mexican eatery known as La Chancla (The Sandal).  This quaint eatery cranks out fresh, and exciting dishes that are rarely found in area restaurants supporting Mexican fare.  For example, this Torta, which is virtually an entire loaf of French bread jammed with your choice of meat (pork in this instance), ripe avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, and creme fraiche is a stray from the typical taco, burrito, and enchilada items found on most menus.  This torta is enough to feed two, so be prepared to leave with a half of this bad boy unless you bring along a partner with an appetite.  I got the chance to check out the freshly made guacamole, which was simply the best I've ever had anywhere.  If you're ever in the vicinity of Norristown, and have the craving for real Mexican dishes, be sure to pop in and grab some delicious treats.
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