Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White House Sub Shop (Atlantic City) - Cheesesteak

Appears a 12", thinly cut slivered Top Round with cheese oozing out of the side.  Not the most packed sandwich I've ever seen but so far, it looks pretty promising. - 3.5

The roll is made by their neighbors, Formica Brothers Bakery.  It's got a crusty outer shell but the interior beyond that outside 1/8" is soft enough to retain all the juices from the steak and melted cheese.  It seems that they use the same rolls that are delivered several times per day for both the cheesesteaks, as well as the subs.  While I believe they are a bit too hard to use for a hoagie, they seem perfect for a cheesesteak, as the grille guy sits it atop the cooking steak and cheese pile before taking it off to spatula the steak with the cheese side up on top of the roll.  This method gets the roll just flexible enough to be able to chew through with no problem.  - 4.5

The steak is thinly sliced top round, which is tender, soft, juicy, and flavorful.  The great part about these steaks, unlike some of the other popular steak joints...they cook the steak to order.  It's not just taken from an overcooked, heaping pile that's been sitting there, awaiting the next victim.  No, no.  This is taken from the stainless cool box and thrown directly on the grille. - 4.5

The cheese - finally someone got it right!  There's enough cheese, and it's melted from top to bottom, coating the pieces, which you get in each bite.  - 5

Overall, this was a great sandwich.  I can't wait till the next time I'm out there.  White House Sub Shop will be a must stop. - 4.5

Total Score: 4.4/5

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