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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Piazza Presto (Limerick) - Wings

The texture is of a battered and crisped wing.  Very interesting stuff.  Imagine KFC extra crispy recipe on these wings.  The meat literally falls off the bone.  By far, the most tender wings that I've ever had. - 4.5 

The sauce is served on the side.  It's basically an untouched Louisiana Hot Sauce ala Frank's, or Texas Pete's.  The good news is that once you dip one of these wings in that hot sauce, it forms a nice coat that doesn't want to drip off.  Nice! - 3
The flavor is good.  I tried one sans sauce and it was mildly seasoned with some pepper and sweet coating on the outside with a buttermilk richness found in there.  With the sauce, it all just seems to meld together.  It's one that you'll keep coming back to over and over. - 4

The edibility is very nice.  The sauce isn't too hot and doesn't overpower the wing.  These are beginner friendly wings, as they are hot but mild enough to keep chomping at repeatedly. - 4

Overall, these wings are different and delicious.  I've never had wings like this that just fall right off the bone due to the tenderness.  Add in the coating and the way the sauce clings to these wings make them something to seek out.  I can't wait to get them on a return visit! - 4

Good news...they are a byob establishment.  So, what did I bring to this feast?

Total Score: 3.9/5

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