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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Product Review - Brugal Anejo Rum

One of the benefits of garnering your own website that reviews regional foods and beverages is that you're constantly in touch with several folks in the Marketing and Promotions field.  More often than not, I turn down offers because I can't find a way to tie it into the theme of Philly Food and Beer.  This happens to be a time when I'm able to check out a product available in the Philadelphia market that I was interested in trying out...along with sharing the info to the valued readers of this site.  I'm pleased to have the opportunity to deliver information about this drink.

The rum is made by Brugal, which is located in the Dominican Republic.  Admittedly, I knew little to nothing about this brand of rum.  There are a few different styles of Brugal rum you can purchase, including a Blanco, and a Reserva.  This particular version is the lone style you can purchase in Pennsylvania, the Ron Anejo.

What I've concocted here is a small glass of 7-UP with ice, along with a few ounces of the dark rum and a splash of lime juice.  This drink is a variation of a Rum Cooler, called a Santo Libre.  The only difference is the splash of lime.  You can serve it with a lime wedge but I was out of those and I usually take the fruit out of my drinks anyway.

This beverage with the Brugal Anejo as the catalyst is refreshingly smooth with a citrusy, palate cleansing smack from the soda followed by a mellow, smooth bit of brown sugar, toffee, vanilla, and caramel.  This is very nice to enjoy on a warm day, or as a refresher from a hard day's work.

So, how is is straight, or neat?

The nose is enticing with tons of brown sugar, vanilla, and caramel notes in the bouquet.  The flavor is uniquely of butterscotch, and a wonderfully, caramelized, brown coated rum cake.  Digging deeper with a few drops of added water reveals a hidden layer of floral expressions.  80 proof, so there is a mild burn but it's tame for the most part.  The flavors develop into a honey and molasses flavor in the finish, especially when compared and tasted side-by-side with a competing Jamaican rum, which lacked the depth of oak and tasted more like a piece of rock candi compared to this product.  The Brugal seems to coat the palate and the finish was 100 times more tolerable than it's Caribbean counterpart.  Seek this one out if your in Pennsylvania.  It's a nice addition to add to your bar!

Brugal Rum's website.