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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Philly Food and Beer's First Annual "Grand Cru" Homebrew Competition - January 5th, 2012

Philly Food and Beer will be conducting it's First Annual Homebrew Competition.
This competition is a freestyle competition, encouraging homebrewers to submit their "Best Offerings" of the year.  Beers will not be judged strictly "per style", so if you, or someone you know feels like you've developed a nice beer that doesn't fit any particular style, this is the perfect opportunity to show off what you've done!  Put simply - we're looking for those outstanding beers you've made.

Only one bottle is necessary for entry with an affordable cost of only $2 per bottle. Any size bottle 12 ounces, or more is fine.  It doesn't matter what type of bottle you use...really - if we get Sam Adams bottles, ball mason jars, swing tops, or PET's all good.

This is a non-sanctioned event that will be conducted for fun purposes.  The top five placers of the contest will be decided by our(estimated)6-man panel. This will give brewers a chance to have the beers that never fully fit any particular style, or any of their other favorite beer they've brewed be recognized on  We'll take a picture of it, give the brewer props on the site, and even send the top five winners award medals.  Winners will also be given the opportunity to select prizes in the order from top placers picking first.  The prizes and values are undetermined at this time and will depend on the response of donated prizes.

Beer may be dropped off at Keystone Homebrew Supply in Montgomeryville by December 28th.

Beer may also be dropped off at Weak Knee Homebrew Supply in Pottstown by January 4th.

Beer will also be collected during Bruclear Homebrew Club's Meeting at Craft Ale House on January 3rd, 2012...I'll be the guy wearing the green Yards Brewing cap.  Entries may be accepted up till the day before the event.
You may email either Mike ( , or Chris (
to arrange a possible meet up to get the beer entered.
Lastly, you may send the beer via UPS, or FedEx to the shipping address on the official Submittal Form.
We're looking forward to trying the wonderful array of fermented libations from the local homebrewing community.  Good Luck!

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