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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Pizza of 2011...better late than never: Olcé Pizza Grille (Cedars, PA)

This was the Margherita Pie.  Appears a non-perfect circular pie with charred edges and fine bubbles of fermentation throughout the base.  Looks amazing and exciting. 4.5/5

The crust is thin, full of fermented flavor, crackly towards the edges, and refreshingly light.  Very Neapolitan-esque b/c of the fire in the oven.  Only difference is that it is fired by gas(I believe), not wood.  In any case, it's a really nice crust!  5/5
The sauce is of freshly crushed tomatoes.  It's a balance of sweet/savory and is vibrant, and flavorful.  4/5

The cheese is of fresh mozzarella.  It really liquefies being next to those flames and is packed with a sweet, dairy farm flavor that delivers nicely to the taste buds.  4.5/5

Overall, Just do it.  Yeah, it's that good, especially for the 'burbs.  It all comes together in a beautiful symphony of dough, sauce, and cheese.  4.5/5

Total Score: 4.5/5

Olcé Pizza Grille's website

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kevin said...

Thanks Mike-- Come see us again--asparagus and goat cheese cometh with the spring!!

Kevin--Olce Pizza said...

Thanks!!! Come see us again-- asparagus and goat cheese cometh with Spring!!

Kevin--Olce Pizza