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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lee's Hoagie House of Blue Bell (Blue Bell) - Cheesesteak

Appears a 10" roll cut in half, with steak, sliced pretty thin, with melted cheese and fried onions, mixed throughout. A little more meat would have been nice. - 3.5

The roll is a Liscio's. We've covered Liscio's before. These rolls are great for cheesesteaks. They have a firm exterior with a softer inside, to soak up all the goodness. This one has a fresh baked taste too.  - 4.5

The meat is chopped. It's juicy, but hard to tell the flavor of the meat, since it's seasoned so heavily. I like a good amount of seasoning, but this is a tad overboard. - 3

The cheese is melted american. The cheese runs throughout the meat, but I would've liked a little bit more. - 3.5

Overall,  This is a pretty good cheesesteak. I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way for this sandwich, but if I was in the area, I would definitely stop in again. - 4
Total Score: 3.6/5
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