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Monday, December 10, 2012

Tacconelli's Pizzeria (Port Richmond, Philadelphia) - Margerita Pie

Appears a round 16" pie with light brown edges, a generous amount of red sauce and scattered slices of fresh mozzarella cheese melted around the center. The pie is topped off with pieces of fresh basil. Damn, this looks good. - 5

The crust is crispy, crackly and super thin. It's really light with some slight char marks of the bottom of the pie. Really great stuff! - 5

The sauce is amazing. It hits on all levels, very vibrant, tangy, sweet and a perfect amount of herbs and spices. Tons of flavor here. Bold and complex. You can tell this is made with ingredients of the highest quality All I can say is...Wow. - 5

The cheese is really nice. It has great flavor and it's very fresh. My only complaint is that I wanted more. - 4.5
Overall, I was a bit skeptical after hearing about all the mixed reviews this place got. I know this place won a bunch of awards in the past, such as "Best of" from Philadelphia Magazine. It's also Zagat-rated. Also, WIP sports talk host Glen Macnow picked them winner of his Pizza Palooza contest.  Does it live up to the hype? Hell yes, it does. This might be the best pizza you can get in Philadelphia. I will be back. - 5

Total Score: 4.9/5

FYI - Tacconelli's is a BYOB and cash only. It's recommended that you call ahead to reserve your dough. From my understanding, they make a limited amount each day and usually sell out over the phone.

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